Media Disco's top shoppable media partners 2023

We know how busy Q4 is for you and your team. So we thought we’d put together a list of some of our favorite shoppable media partners that you should know about. The partners we've shared have a range of capabilities stretching from interactive rich media units that have a check-out feature built in, to live-streaming shoppable influencer content. This list of partners is not ranked, we’ve shared some of the things we love about each of these partners. To get a better understanding of each partner head to Media disco. We've linked each partner's custom storefront which house everything from partner case studies, example activations, and contact information through their linked custom Media Disco Storefront.

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Big Happy







Chicory picture

Blurb: Chicory has a huge network of publishers and retailers who develop recipe content. They have partnerships with tons of big retailers Like Albertsons, FoodTown, ACME, Giant, and way more. They have a range of helpful ad experiences like geo-targeting specific retailers based on user location. Most importantly advertisers can implement ads within recipes for hyper-relevant messaging.

What we love: Baking and cooking are such an integral part of the holiday season. People put a lot of effort and time into baking or cooking something they want their friends and family to enjoy. Being able to connect with a consumer at this moment is extremely powerful for a brand. While it may seem exclusive to product advertising we’d argue that brand-lead advertising could be equally as effective. If you're a marketer for a food or liquor brand, you should be knocking on Chicory's door this holiday season.

Chicory Storefront


Nativo picture

Blurb: Nativo enables storytelling at scale across 3,500+ premium sites and reveals insights that unlock return-on-content. They make scalable and insightful storytelling with immersive content possible for brands through unmatched scale, engaging formats and patented technology.

What we love: Nativo is a top choice for marketers looking to connect with consumers when they're researching gifts to buy. Nativo’s expansive premium site list allows brands to position their ads next to some of the most popular content in the world. Think about the amount of time spent researching before choosing what to buy your niece. This informational content is a prime environment for brands to play in. Add the fact that Nativo has tasteful, custom high-impact units for brands to get noticed, it's a winner

Nativo Storefront

Big Happy

Big Happy picture

Blurb: Big Happy combines the next generation of mobile-focused creative with publisher media to create an interaction across publisher web pages that wows the modern-day consumer and drives brand outcomes via the best mobile-rich media ads on the market.

What we love: Big Happy places an emphasis on the user experience with all of its rich media units. The media units they offer feel distinct and fun. We're especially fond of their shoppable units which give users a chance to engage with the product. Their immersive 3D unit is great for driving engagement that facilitates user research and helps collapse the purchase funnel. For brands looking for exciting new mobile-first rich media ad experiences to activate, Big Happy is a top choice. Big Happy storefront:


Adventr is a cloud-based platform built for marketers to easily make, publish and share the world’s most dynamic video and voice-activated content anywhere their audience is online. Experiences created with Adventr let viewers control and navigate their own stories. Personalize messages. Link to anywhere on the web. Drive purchases, launch texts, phone calls, and software–all without exiting the content.

What we love: Adventr’s media gives users the ability to engage with content in a way that personalizes a product for them in a fun way. Adventr gives marketers two unique ways to approach media personalization. The first is a data lead product matching approach which makes sure a brand is sharing products a consumer has already shown intent for. The second is personalization through high-quality and engaging content. Through Adverntr's choose-your-own-adventure video content, consumers dictate what they see. Instead of letting data decide what model of car the ad shows them, why not let them choose? This content is a phenomenal way to drive engagement by giving the personalization power back to the person!

Adventr storefront


KERV picture

Quick bit: KERV is the leading interactive video technology company powering brands to create shoppable and immersive experiences within video across the web, mobile, social and CTV. Utilizing cutting-edge AI and machine learning, KERV's technology offers the most precise interactive video experience, seamlessly bridging the gap between content and commerce.

What we love: KERV has an extensive range of shoppable units to pick from that fit seamlessly into digital video ad units. KERV’s interactive units enable brands to share multiple different product use cases while offering alternative products for the consumer to experience and purchase. What’s even cooler is their ability to turn CTV into a shoppable moment through customized QR codes for customers to engage with. Data from their partner Smartcommerce shows that 10% of off-site cart transfers convert to actual purchases. It's no surprise to us that they're growing so quickly, if you're looking or interactive shoppable at scale they're a top choice.

Kerv storefront



Quick bit: Clicktivated is the leader in interactive video marketing. Clicktivated connects viewers to any individual product/item in video as they watch. Clicktivated's clean UX empowers viewers with the ability to freely click, tap or touch anything of interest to shop or learn more as they watch. Clicktivated's first-of-its-kind data provides a unique and granular look at viewer engagement based on individual in-video interactions, broken down by individual item/product etc.

What we love: A lot of the time brands will be sitting on a mountain of great video content. Often, there's hesitation about running some of the longer-form stuff because it's unlikely to drive a favorable ROI. Working with Clicktivated is an easy way to breathe life into under-utilized video content. Their tech can take a video asset and turn it into a shoppable experience within 24 hours. Clicktivated is a terrific choice for brands that want to get more out of their video content. This holiday season is a great time to get Clicktivated to help turn your video content into a sales-driving experience shoppers will love.

Clicktivated Storefront


Smartzer picture

Quick Bit: SaaS platform used to transform videos and live streams into highly engaging and impactful shoppable & interactive experiences. Smartzer enables brands to make their videos and live streams shoppable to unlock the purchase funnel.

What we love: Smartzer may not be the most well-known shoppable video solution but it’s arguably one of the best. Looking for more valdiation? They just won the Luxury Innovation Award selected by 18 international juries and audiences at the Luxury Innovation Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. They have an extremely easy-to-use self-service platform that allows brands to quickly piece together high-quality shoppable video content.  Additionally, Smartzer offers brands the ability to turn live streams into fully shoppable experiences. With partnerships across Shopfiy, Salesforce commerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, and Woocommerce Smartzer is equipped to get your shoppable video up and running in no time. 

Smartzer storefront