Dynamic OOH vendors that brands need to know about in 2023

The past year has been a bit of a renaissance for the OOH industry. As marketing dollars have started to shift away from platforms for a multitude of reasons, OOH has been there to supply a need. What’s been great to see has been the innovation and creativity that’s proliferated through the OOH market. There are more creative, turnkey, and 360 omnichannel opportunities that have popped up.

Here are some of our favorite emerging companies that can help your brand achieve the impact your clients are looking for.

Atlas Media 

Atlas Media Logo-Horiz Transparent-RED

Atlas Media is a new company that launched towards the end of 2022. They’re specialists in projection mapping activations but also have a full fleet of drones (500!) that they can activate in the blink of an eye.  

What we love: Like many of the other partners we've shared on this list, Atlas is great at repurposing assets. Instead of going through the process of having your creative team build out a specific file size Atlas just takes whatever video or image you have on hand and turns it into a massively impactful activation. Shout out to them, they actually helped us with our rebrand in NYC you can find the video here.



Mobilads is one of the latest car wrapping companies to start making noise in 2022. As the year went on they continued growing their driver fleet across virtually every city in North America.   

What we love: The thing that we love about Mobilads is the impressive speed they work at. Not only will they promise to get your entire fleet out on day one of the campaign, but they make sure their customer gets photo evidence that each car left the garage expertly wrapped. Fun fact about Mobilads, they’re actually responsible for wrapping the Revel Teslas you may have seen around NYC.

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Alt Terrain is a fantastic option for any brand looking to get some gritty, impactful guerilla marketing done.

What we love: Alt Terrain is ready to concept with your brand and customize any type of activation you're looking for. Whether it be guerilla wall posts, branding pop-up experiential events, wall projections, and much more. 

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Wrapify has been in the car wrapping game for a while but has done a phenomenal job of using that as the foundation for a larger advertising solution. Wrapify makes it easy for brands to create an incredibly impactful, hyperlocal omnichannel channel campaign. Whether you're planning to leverage Wrapify's car fleet as an ancillary part of your larger city takeover or counting on them to utilize their Omnichannel capability to lead the takeover they're an excellent option.

What we love: By working With Beeswax, Wrapify can retarget people who were exposed to a wrapped car across virtually every digital channel, including Programmatic Display, Mobile, Native, Video, Connected TV (CTV) and Audio. The ability to fold a unique OOH execution into the rest of your digital campaign is a unique proposition that more brands should be exploring.

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InRangeAds Horiz

InRange is a new solution that actually provides advertisers with an option that supports a decrease in carbon emissions. InRange developed a side skirt for 18-wheeler trucks that helps increase the aerodynamics of the trailer. It’s like some of our mobile OOH partners except it’s built for the highways and interstates. 

What we love: Brands are increasingly looking for ways to offset the effects of their carbon footprint. InRange offers an interesting new way to reach travelers across the country. 

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Atmosphere TV


Looking for a new way to capture the attention of local markets in high dwell locations with premium inventory? Atmosphere TV has you covered. Their premium screens are placed in over 45K venues across the country with over 65 channels of content.

What we love: They're a fantastic option for brands looking to surround tentpole sports events to connect with fans who flock to local restaurants and bars to watch their favorite teams. If you're not looking to takeover a stadium or pay for a national TV spot, Atmosphere TV's sports takeovers are an excellent option. Outside of sports Atmosphere also has a wide range of inventory in places like medical offices where there TV's provide entertainment for patients waiting for their appointment.

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Adomni has has made it easier than ever to get an immersive OOH campaign up and running quickly. Their network of screens across mediums allows brands to the takeover a location efficiently and effectively. It reminds us of a HPTO in real life.

What we love: Adomni helps brands that aren't really prepared to buy more traditional OOH media. Waiting for artwork to get prepared and having to book inventory months in advance push a lot of brands away from taking advantage of OOH. Will with Adomni's digital screens they're able to take the digital assets you already have on hand and repurpose them across their DOOH inventory. Additionally they're able to measure all of the media they're activation to validate their performance. Check out how they're able to triangulate user touch points so brands can sequentially tell their stories and see the impact from each campaign.

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