Media Disco's top Interactive media partners Holiday 2022

The holidays are right around the corner. Family, friends, time away from work… and ads. The holidays are a time when brands need to find ways of standing out, and capturing every transaction moment possible. That’s where interactive media comes in. 

Adding interactivity to content shortens a consumer's path-to-purchase dramatically, and increases the likelihood of a conversion. It enables an opportunity for a brand to tell an emotional story, educate, and convert consumers all in one moment. We've built a list of partners that do an exceptional job of driving user engagement through unique interactive media.

Side notes: 

  1. We’ve focused “interactivity” on the unit itself. It’s worth noting that almost all gaming and metaverse media partners offer some form of interactivity. To learn about those partners, check out our Gaming & Metaverse blog post. 

  2. Interactivity can also come in the form of shoppability. To read more about partners with that capability, check out our Shoppable Media post. 

Have we missed any key partners? Reach out and let us know.

Featured partners:





Loop Me



They makes it simple to create rich media from standard assets. Airtory is a creative management platform that allows advertisers to build high-performing and engaging rich media display ads within minutes. The engaging formats  improve ROI and brand engagement.  The platform has a portfolio of their portfolio of interactive rich media templates to easily build media assets that stand out.

What we love: Airtory makes it incredibly simple to turn basic assets into a multitude of engaging unique formats. They give marketers the capability to extend digital interactive units across CTV & OTT. With the rising popularity of interactive video on TV screens we’re expecting Airtory to gain a lot of fans in the very near future. For in-house advertising teams, this is a secret weapon that both speeds up an arduous process and is cost-effective.

Best for: In house marketing teams and smaller, full-service agencies

Airtory Storefront

Aki Technologies


Aki Technologies allows brands, retailers, and agencies to reach people by targeting pivotal moments in the consumer journey with personalized advertising. Aki is a managed service that dynamically tailors ads by a whole range of data signals from weather patterns, to regions, to buying preferences. In short, much more relevant dynamically served messaging. 

What we love: Aki is a unique media partner that has been perfecting moment targeting for a while now. Aki's ability to serve media to consumers that are engaged in a moment that directly relates to a brand’s use case has shown to be extremely effective. One of our favorite benefits is their ability to know what type of media format a consumer would be most receptive to. In real time, it uses data cues to serve an ad that is prime for the moment. That means the ad gets served at the best moment as well as in the ideal format for that moment.  As a quick example, someone who ended their jog in the park is going to be more receptive to a short video ad for a bottled water company than someone laying in bed.

Best for: Brands focused on engaging with consumers during unique and specific daily moments 

AKI Interactive Storefront



Kargo creates memorable digital advertising and content experiences. With a suite of impactful, exclusive advertising solutions, brands choose Kargo to make customer connections that count. Kargo is great at unique ad placements, with creative options that make the most of mobile, video, and social media. 

What we love: Their mobile web coverage spans every corner of content a brand's audience might be looking for. Their stated average viewability rate is 75% and they have a 98% brand safety score measured by Grapeshot & MOAT. For brands looking to improve their ROI on mobile through interactive media, Kargo is an ideal partner.

Best for: Brands looking to scale across mobile web quickly and effectively at scale 

Kargo’s Storefront



Blurb: Good-Loop drives engagement for digital ads by offering consumers the opportunity to unlock charity donations in return for their attention. The result is ads that people enjoy, impressive brand uplift metrics, and a way to engage people their company purpose in a meaningful way.

What we love: Good-Loop's interactivity takes a refreshing twist that surprises and delights people. During a season where giving back and gifting is so prominent, Good-Loop would be an awesome match for any brand. Their ad units are visually appealing and inviting to interact with. Regardless of who a brand's audience might be, it’s fair to assume they’ll appreciate the opportunity to donate on behalf of a brand. We also love that Good-Loop will work with audience insights to help define charities that relate to a specific audience. For brands looking to move the needle on both social good and ROI Good-Loop is an excellent choice.

Best for:  Brands looking to find ways to engage their audience around social causes. 

Good Loop’s Storefront

Loop Me


LoopMe delivers media powered by proprietary DMP and Artificial Intelligence. This allows LoopMe to reach pre-qualified audiences and optimize campaigns in-flight based on real-time data feeds directly tied to marketing goals. LoopMe's formats span OLV/CTV, rich media, and standard display. Their reach is extensive covering 250M uniques in the US market. LoopMe also has direct relationships with publishers, including Unity Mobile Games - where LoopMe is the preferred, independent non-exclusive reseller of Unity advertising services for brand campaigns.

What we Love:  Their mix of scale and state-of-the-art interactive video units. They have an extensive list of 3rd party data partners to leverage and are happy to layer in first-party data. Their ability to leverage rich data with rich interactive media units sets them apart. We’re huge fans of their “360 degree video” interactive unit, it allows consumers to see a full view of a brand’s product from all possible angles.

 Best For: Brands looking to support a variety of different interactive media units at scale across devices and optimize off of real time user feedback from proprietary surveys. 

Loop Me’s Storefront